Unit 7 Reflection

by Sharo L

My Proposal:

Self and Public (kitchen)



public space on the table


public space on the table


Experiment 2 :

Combination of Tableware

Mar.3 Sat.


Combination of pots


Pot Pattern


The Design of Crit

The Design of Question:


  • What do you think this work is aiming for?


  • What do you feel from the design of the color and the whole concept?


  • Do you think the presentation really brings up the concept?


Unit7 Week24:

Kitchen relationship (Project 1)

"Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are."

by Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

My note


Public and Private on table


Orignial Image


Feb. 27 Tues. One Day Project

What I try to do?

I'm observing the private space and the public space between them, and I found it interesting to develop this topic in a different environment. For today I do this study on the working table. To observe that which kind of object on the table people are more willing to lend or to give to the public.By managing the layout of the objects, people can notice that from the center to the outer will be the public area to the private area. 


Before I borrow things from others, I ask people to decide the things on the table which belongs to their personal privacy stuff and things could be public. The answer I get is quite similar, from the things could share with others to things wanted to keep private will be the pen, coffee, water, note paper, pencil case, notebook, earphone, laptop, phone. Therefore I create a small experiment that is about to borrow things from people and make it into a public and privacy map. In the middle is something that is shareable and things in the outer layer are more personal stuff.  


In the duration of the process, I find an interesting fact that when I'm borrowing things, you can observe what will people face expression looks like to distinguish whether this object I borrow is more or less important for them. when I borrowing things in the outer layer I start to ask them from my close friend, which makes them feel safer lending to me. This makes me realize the materialize in the relationship, the value of things you lend, which is related to trust.  

Evaluation of my work

I feel my work is a bit shallow, the object I borrow is too less, and the presentation should change into something meaningful. I'm quite fulfilled with the concept, the action of borrowing things from others, 


Further development

Further development: Kitchen

What does it relate to me?

Coming from another country which makes me feel very insecure while communicating. I feel myself is developing a new identity, a new social character. Confronting this unfamiliarity environment, I try to search for the same experience from others, by doing so to how others react and find their own way of building a brand new system of meeting new peoples and self-standard.

What am I aiming for?

In whole, I try to develop the relationship between people in private and public, so I just narrow down my theme to a specific place and certain people. For this time the kitchen will be the stage, the object itself will be the clue to trace their public and private realm, and I want to see if there is possible to observe the new space they established as a representation of their home.

Why kitchen?

The family is the place where people first developed their social character, and the kitchen is important and productive space for a family. Every single detail, including what and where to place the cooking tools and how to preserve food…it all include autonomy and a family’s cultural tradition. I want to know if it comes to a student accommodation what kind of interaction will it be? A kitchen which contains four different kinds of culture and family background how will people (us) develop a new temporary “home”? How will they manage it by themselves? For me, this is a metaphor of seeing people underpin the construction of their new home, their private space, and with this situation, they have to develop rules and another character to face this overlapping (by public and private) area. 

Combination of tableware Mar.3 Sat.


Combination of tableware


Mar.3 Sat. ~4 Sun.

What I experience through working?


Food can tell stories, when I pull out everything in my flatmate’s cupboard, I realize this. The story is in the detail, like the way they preserve food, where do they buy, what will they bring from their own country and why?

I didn’t really ask for their permission for doing so, I only tell them that I’ll do my project in the kitchen, and maybe will use some of the things in the refrigerator which only for photos. While I’m digging their stuff, I just feel I’m discovering their private life.


For the first day, I just try to pull out everyone’s pot, knife, fork…every cooking stuff and manipulate them in order for the photo. However, this reminds me the project I had done on Monday, which I’m not satisfied. People couldn’t tell the difference between those tools, but food can. From noticing where the food comes from, what kind of dish they made, you can trace back to their home country even their family memory. I believe that if people prefer a specific kind of dishes, it might trace back to the first memory when you’re eating it, the atmosphere, and the people sit next to you which turns this into something you like and will miss while you are in the foreign country. You will try to revive the dish and try to make you feel more comfortable with the way you stay at home. 


The reason why I discover these details is because I know what I had learned from my family. Like how I storage food, how I keep my kitchen clean, the method of cooking ….I feel I unconsciously see my grandmother as a teacher, the knowledge encourage me to run the kitchen in her way, which in somehow I establish my home kitchen in here.

Experiment 3 :

The Discovery behind the Cupboard 


The last two experiment doesn’t really appeals to myself, they don’t reveal what I want to convey, I did’t see the language in those two design, so I tend to find other way to present my idea.

In this experiment I tend to use very strong color to emphasize the differences of each individual. First I want to observe the public area, which also the overlapping area of private space, however I failed, because of the presentation doesn’t work. I stick color paper in every piece of tools and food in the kitchen to see who own which area, but after all I find out difficulty letting the audience get the whole picture of what I’m trying to do. There are no distinct line or specific area for a person (maybe this is our kitchen’s style, or everyone just trying to be aware or mistrusting others),  but the cupboard, so I put my whole attention on it.

My Observation & Interpretation:

4 types of noodles from worldwide: roommate ①


Localize Oriented: roommate ①


You can find four kinds of noodles in it, two are from Korean and others are pasta from Tesco. This makes me thinks of the collection of the types of noodles. When I saw the noodles I can guess what kind of dish she makes. I guess she just brought her own culture here, and later get used to the western staple and adapt the culture here. Do people usually have four kinds of noodle in their kitchen? except for cooking expert, and people who have a double cultural background, then who will?  While by carefully carrying her stuff in front of the scene, the packaging is not well conserving the product ( I can tell from the spoiled spaghetti), everything is slightly folded, but open. 

Chinese medicine from roommate ②


Japanese food Oriented ②


This roommate usually gets cold and weak when the weather changes, I take a picture of the Chinese herb medicine she gets from Hong Kong. I feel this is something she takes from her country that supports her to bear the cold and rain in London. It's not only physical healing but also mental, when you are fragile, something you are familiar with could make you feel much better than taking some medicine that you know them only read it's content and instruction. 

The next photo is a lot of Japanese food product. The reason I take this picture is that I want to show the trend of the Japnese food fad in worldwide. I also have Miso, Teriyaki sauce, and sushi seaweed, but by seeing what others had I just suddenly realized the similarity of peoples taste. 

The partial from Taiwan: Me


I'm not quite sure what is special about my stuff, I try to see what makes a person's character, and why I see it like this, through this process I want to discover my own way to interpret myself, hoping one day I can tell others what's special about me and my background. 

In this picture, I put what I bought from Taiwan, this is something very normal for me, if someone just asks, why I choose these stuff to represent my cultural character, it'll be hard for me to say what exactly that is, cause I'm too deep in it, maybe for others will be easier to tell reason.   

Princess of Instant Noodle: roommate ④


Ever since I met her, she only cooks instant noodle. And today I found her secret to keep eating it!!

The Mysterious Red Powder: roommate ④


Unit7 Week25:

1m ×1m

Object, Image, Type  

"Take your idea into life."

Mar.5 Mon Connection



At the beginning of this project, I didn't think much, I just inspired by the place very much. I know what I want to test out, though it only slightly relate to my main concept of what I had done last week. By using the inspiration of what I experiment on last Monday, which is about the private and public space on the table. I suddenly think about the laptop that people are all focused on, charging from the surge protector, they all connect by the wire. When I looked up to the extension cord, and I just want to use it to create something related to the function of this object, which also establishes a metaphor of relation of sharing the same table or to say a provocation of peoples physical connection become wire.

If can make it better, I hope to ask for people to sit around working with laptops and use the plug on this work. While if I want to accomplish this idea I need to find another wider and simple place. However, because of the limit of time, material and technic, the whole work gives the audience a sense of unreadable, immature and ragged ( though I still think it is a playful work). 


"Digging the Parallel"

This work is about friendship. This is about a different kind of friend people have, they form a character that stands in a different location in your mind. In the center is yourself (not actually need to be me, just because I don't want to get into any trouble by using others photo).  though they are your friend, they will never reach to the core of yourself. The eye will be the symbol of the eye of truth and the real you.  

I don't really like this work. I understand myself is copying a type of interpretation to a certain extent, this language the audience will understand me, but the concept is rubbish, I know myself just want to do something dramatic or to try this way of interpreting my thought. Now I understand this makes me puke. Only reveal of appearing authentic, but less conceptual thought inside. It makes the work cliche and boring.  


I love to see others work, but when it comes to my work I always feel very bad. Though I understand my work have a lot to improve, I always couldn't get the feedback I want. I think it might have two reasons, one is that I know the answer already, or just because of the lack of preparation of my oral presentation. So I decided to make more note before having a presentation in front of people. I don't want to be misunderstood or to be superficial just because of my speaking skill.   


Project 2 (testing) Week25

Pre- Bartering (Mar.10) 


The Preparation for the First Experiment:

The preparation ( bread, notice board, tea, butter, and fruit...etc.)


The aim of the talk:

  The talk we prepared last day is about the memorable dish or meal they had before, and leading by this question, we both tend to find out the factor that changes peoples identity. But the difference between his aim and mine, is he want to know how the food change a person’s relationship with others and seeking the connection between people and food, which believes that food can bring people together, not only by eating together but also making, growing them, and this memory will plant in their mind, which in the future they will carry on doing so.

  I agree and take inspiration from his idea, but for me, I like to listen to their story, and to figure out the food road in their mind map, I don’t have a clear purpose or theory to rely on at first, I want to do the experiment first and after listening to their response, I’ll decide which way I will go. Because I believe they will bring me something out of my expectation, so at before I asking them question I don’t want to throw or think about the answer they will respond, that I believe will limit our conversation, because I know I’ll try to lead it to the direction I expected, this is the last thing I want to go through during the conversation, I want them to bring up their own perspective, what they have been struggled, ruminated, recalled…no matter is a nostalgic or repressed memory, but only to worry about if we will make others uncomfortable.

(Testing 1) 11 Mar. Sun Location: Brick Lane/ Nomads Park


reflection of the testing 12 Mar.


  We plan to go to somewhere near our place to test out whether it works or not, and we decide to go to brick lane on Sunday, which there defiantly will be a lot of people wandering there. At that moment we didn’t think much, overall it’s just an experiment. 

  We went to three places one is in the Nomadic park community. The reason we tend to find a park is thinking that there might be people relaxing having spare time and might be a family, so we sit in the center of the park. Through we are half correct that there are couples of family there, however, they never walk approach to us (they, not even dear to see the notice sign, I think they ignore us intentionally, which is quite sad). And we try to sit in the center of the road, which is a bold and awkward act which is me who propose to do so. More people saw the sign, but they still choose to avoid it, I feel what we are doing is ridiculous but fun, I take it as a play, but Russell was quite depressed and embarrass. Sitting there for ten minutes (I still feel proud of our courage to bear the sight of people walking by), within we determine that the next place we'll go on Brick Lane and find a place where have table and beside the road. Next to the Pymca Gallery, we sit in the public court yard where have free table provide pedestrian to rest. But the place is not quite conspicuous, the railing just block peoples view. We sit there waiting not until five minutes we just give up, and bring up all the stuff we have (hot water, tea, hot bread, cups, plates tablecloth, butter…which we prepared it from last night till 4 am) and to talk about our story first. 

Picnic outside!!


The Talk: Russell -The Bento after the Battle

  With the question of his favorite dish, I start to ask his story. This is not a special dish, it’s a special meal, which only could be served in a specific place, timing and share with people. The story begins with his training in the army in Singapore. According to national service, he served in the army for two years.  In the first year is quite harsh. When they first get in, they got a few mission to do (which I only could picture them doing the same thing as Rookies' Diary) and been asked to write a letter back to their family before this mission. In those days they do training, such as crawling on the mud, saving the hostage, escape with injured…. He also told me the detail of what they had been eaten in those days—something soft and cold, you couldn’t tell the ingredients because everything is mash together, but they have no choice. After this mission, they were so exhausted both physically and mentally, but everything haven’t yet finished. Their superior officer grab the whole team, scold at them fearfully, saying that how awful they done in the mission, and that down their parents so much. The most thing that impresses him so much is that while the officer deploring them he burned the replied latter from their parents in front of them. Everyone is crying at that moment, he described. However, it’s just a show, actually, the officer keeps the latter safely in other places, this regularly happens in this military. They were allowed to read and write back, needless to say, they wash their face with tears during the process. The meal comes later, it’s from the military cafeteria. Chicken, simple vegetable, rice …it’s a simple bento, but the hotness and the fatigues after crying make this meal very special. Not only the moment he eats, but become a metaphor or sign of his own evolvement.


After listening: Reflect on my story.

Progress Tutorial (Mar.12)


1)the location: where and who are willing to talk to you?                  

We think about our location carefully in the experiment, to think about where are more comfortable for people to sit and talk, but we didn’t think about the people themselves. Now think about it, the people walking on Brick Lane are usually tourists, the vintage market and oriental food is shining in their eyes, who will likely to spend time doing our experiment?

Tutor suggest we find a place that is more open to this kind of art interaction, like Tate or some other gallery. And we decide to go to CSM, which there are tables and student who are used to seeing people (or maybe themselves) doing strange things.

Moreover, to take the initiative to invite people to join. They won’t be moved by the sign of Free Food, that’s certain (even homeless don’t come to us, but stoned people).

2) peoples trust about food: Packaging

The second thing that we didn’t realize is that people will mistrust the food we prepared. The suggestion from tutor is to make a designed packaging, which is believed could help building up trust. I agree this idea, however, makes me feel weird. People are blindly trusting the packaging but content. Isn’t it kind of cheating? Though we put our idea on the packaging, the fact of eating it doesn’t change, only motivate people to eat.


We argue about the packaging design, which cost lot of effort and time to do the packaging (we already made a schedule, which if we want to do packaging we won’t have enough time), so we decide to take the idea of holding a tray and go for people. 



Week26: Bartering

The Preparation of the Second Experiment:

Adjusting Our Plan

Packaging design


The Final Outcome

We decide not to record anything, but to remember and recall by ourselves. 


Reflection After Collaboration

It’s truly likes to do collaboration. During this time, I found so many pleasure while doing collaborate. The argue, the depress, the time making things together, and having the same motif, makes me feel the strength to move on to the next step. When he is thinking about his project, I will think my stuff as a juxtaposition, and try to change an angle to see his work, enable myself to see mine also. Also the inspiration takes from the conversation we have during bartering project, sharing the experience we have.

Using object to reveal peoples relationship


Experiment 1 :

The Detail in the kitchen 

Mar.3 Sat.

In the kitchen



Design Object (Mar.19) 

Idea development:


From the interaction we have with the two-man, I inspired by their story about their memory with family, especially grandmother. In my experience, my grandmother is like a wizard, she can make things without nothing, she can distinguish every grass grow in the road and tell you how to cook it and can do good for a peculiar ill. This is something emotional, and sentimental, that remain behind in peoples mind, but the flavor, the memory still unctuously rooted in somewhere and stand an important role while you are making decisions. I believe this can influence a person very much, the love from home, family time, the family member that you spend the most of time being with. We sometime see them as a model, or the preference of making friend or working partner.

In this work, I want to show the warmth of grandmothers memory in bowl. The tool that contains the weight of love, the meal she made. When people hold it in their hand they can feel the delicacy and warmth of their image. Strong enough to carry to feed, but at the same time, you can break it easily. As I materialize it, the image of memory, makes me feel I can keep it, and make it sustainable. Anyway, It’s just an object that peoples emotion can rely on (like some peoples watch from their father or necklace from their mother).




Design Object → Final Work


  In the tutorial, they said they like the imperfect of the pottery, especially the cracking part. It makes them more lively, and the size of the pot is just fit to hold it with two hands, which you can feel you are actually holding a persons face, which is pretty strange but also evoke the desire of owning an object, this is what I feel.

  Moreover, accord to their words, it’s all Asian old peoples face( though I tried very hard to make each of them different by showing the diversity of skin color, and feature.) Also, they recommend me to study some usage of the pot based on other culture and history. So I decide to go to British Museum, aim at seeing the role of pottery stands in society.


  • What is the connection between pot and pot?

      I want to make them into a set, like a family, a series, which people can take more pleasure rather seeing them alone. I think I’ll try to make them looks alike and stand in a kind of situation, maybe make them stand on a stage like a box, or doing something in order to build up their relation. For this, I will look up with some demonstration of pottery, and study the way they display their work, which to manipulate and generate the meaning of my work with nimble. Not only metaphorically, but also optically.

  •  Do they have more meaning, not only a product of sensibility, feeling, memory?If yes what will it be?
  • Do the audience understand my work? How to build up the language to make them don’t have to hundred percent understand but able to catch the feel of my work?                                                                                                                           I want them to feel the direction they walk, and the post they bring up. I want the audience to sense the atmosphere of celebrating and the narrative of the walking group's relationship. For this, I understand I have to do some testament to see what it will be like in order to make adjustments that they can tell what I'm thinking at the first sight.
  • What do I want them to see/ gain/ think/ experience on seeing the work?                                                                                   I perceive my work as a very simple and easy-understanding work. No matter children or people seldom have art experience, I want to grab their interest, and make them read the story and the meaning of the models. The happiness of harvest, participate in a community, and the respect for nature, makes them seems very lively and energetic, I want them to see the positive side and the initiative simplification of peoples relationship.
  • How do I create the depth of my work?                                                                                                                                            By hoping to have a talk with the stuff in the Chinatown's supermarket, I desire to produce the story of the immigrant. The reason I choose this position is that from the experience gain from the last project, the people we interview always said about the source of the food. And as for me, I notice especially for people from other countries must be desperate to have their own preference of spice, cuisine, brand...so here comes the exotic market. I want to know the history of the market itself, and also the person selling and live in this "foreign city", who cures peoples nostalgia by importing food. This I want to put my side supportive material, which I may put them into a publication or demonstrate it in graphics or article.     


E a s t e r  B r e a k

The design of the final outcome: expectation

I want to make a series of anthropomorphic pottery that can carry different kind of food, which are approaching a spot to worship the nature. I imagine they are walking in the same direction, with pride and vitality, in a small parade, they are bonded together by the belief, land, and food, to form a community. The presentation I expect will be around five sculpture-like pots, four holding food, and one will be holding an incense leading them to the right direction. After visiting the Great British Museum I’m so much inspired by different function and interpretation of the pottery, some are for trading, demonstrating status, ritual purpose….they being called the vessel of peoples soul, the image of the female, the metaphorical prosperity. Not even the aspect of social functioning but also their presentation, the shape, and the imagery, reveal peoples daily lives, a utensil is an object that can show peoples cultural intimacy. 


Working Process


Technical Problem


Self-organized Group Critic

I and my friends organized a group critic, based on four-member, everyone demonstrates what they have so far and we will throw our idea to the person.

The suggestion I get from them:

After I telling them the plan of my final outcome will be, They talk about what they feel the unbalance of the whole body and give some interesting new idea that exists in my future plan. 


  • The food I’m putting on the pottery:

   What I plan to put will be normal vegetable and fruits, in order to show the rich harvest. Also, in a way not to show any cultural difference, so I want to show something very normal and basic. It’s kind of saying that such a simple vegetable is worthwhile people to worship, not because it’s price but it’s potential of connecting people together (which also including the process of growing, cooking and eating it).

What they suggest is to change the food into something else, to prevent it become some product that sells in the second-hand market or flower market. So they come up with the alternative, to put a different kind of staple creating the diversity and also keep the idea of the simpleness of food.

Actually I never think about the food I’m putting on will cause so much attention, but they are quite right, based on the color theory, people will see the things that have a brighter and higher chroma (comparing to the vegetable and fruit I tend to put on to the color of the clay, they are inevitably attracting). Which I agree to give it a try with this idea, after I finish my pottery, I’ll do them both, and see which is better to go for.


April 10. Rotation Critic






Next step to do:

  • Try to make face bowls and vase ( which I'm also interested in testing it out) ← Top Priority!!!♦♦♦
  • Make the standing (the slope) (Apr.11 afternoon, after tutorial 11:30)
  • Sketchbook picture printing (Apr.11 morning)
  • Small, Simple publication ← think about it 

The Development of proposal

for Lethaby gallery exhibition



Final version


Changing Plan

  After the first day of the school, I found my work hard to make it display in a pleasant way.  Because of too many sculptures, and no one really gets what I try to present, so I decided to make it less metaphorical, more poetic and expressive. So I turn back to work on the project I test before Easter, to keep on continuing the development of the face base on the image of grandmother. I know exactly what I need to do, with the coming deadline, aside from my expectation of the outcome, as a finished piece, I know how to make it displayable. 

Final Outcome


The Publication

The Tone & Idea development 

There only have a week left to do my publication, considering this time limit, I only want to make one that can carry my concept and stand beside my sculptures.

The rules:


-Using all my specialty and skill (don't do something risky!!)

SO the conclusion will be using drawing and scanning, plus some text that describes my work and ends!

I tend to draw old women's face, like what I do in my sketchbook, by using the material of terracotta water (terracotta + water =Pink color) to create peoples silhouette than use diluted ink to draw their hair and eyes. Which in general, the use of color is very light and mild.




Final Piece